Zari regrets bringing the children to Bongo

Recently we witnessed the co-parent of Diamond Platinum (Zari Hassan) arriving in the country with children Tiffah and Nilhan where many people were unaware of the source of the bidada landing with the children.

Now information from a source within the Diamond family has explained why Zari’s sister came to the brain.

It has been reported that Zari came to the country with children where it was a gear to want to rekindle their love for Diamond which broke down about three years ago.

But it was different for Diamond after receiving Zari at the airport with the children and they headed to his home in Mbezi Beach in Dar es Salaam, but Mondi made it difficult to set aside another room for Zari with the children and he slept another.

You don’t know the people you used to live with again until you had two children and met again and lived in the same room, so Mondi made it difficult to separate the room away from the co-parent.

The source said that one day Sister Zari locked herself in crying and blamed herself for why she came to the brain and found herself isolated in a room when her goals were to return the love.

“One day bidada locked herself in crying and we were so confused that she opened up why she was crying and said she wanted to be reunited with Diamond”

Then Zari saw that Mondi had made a difficult decision and decided to take his luggage and return to South Africa where he was staying with his children.

Lower stories tell us that Diamond put the strain on Zari because he recently hopes to get married to his new girlfriend who was working in Arabia and has recently brainwashed him.

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