What is journalism | Meaning and Explain

What is journalism

What is journalism

Journalism is a profession of collecting, analysing, gathering, dissaminating ns and information and presenting to the media.

Here we know that a journalism its not only talent like many peoples think but a journalism is a proffesion that means in order to be a journalist you should enter in a class and study about a journalism course and know what are the element of journalism and rules.

In Tanzania country when a person want to have a huge experience about this course should start at the biggining in College, to get a diploma and after finish the diploma of journalism and mass communication can continued in bachelor but a best basic was found in Colleges.

Why college is a basic of journalism in Tanzania

because in college the most in study a journalism is more practical rather than university is more theory.

advantage of more practical is that you create more experience in a course speaking about news writing, presenting, brodecasting, printing.

and you three yearys to study placticary that means a first year you study Basic Certificate of journalism and mass communication and two years you use to study Diploma of journalism and mass communication

but in University you use all three years to study Bacherol of journalism but in theory only so if you want to create your own ability in journalism workes like broadcasting, news writing

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