Wema Sepetu Shakes Carlinhos Marriage

STAA of film in the country, Wema Sepetu has been accused of breaking up the marriage of Yanga team player, Carlos Carlinhos who is an Angolan national, after his wife Vanessa wanted to be told the truth about the picture he took of Wema and the player, spread on various social networks.

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The actress’s wife, who has just given birth to a baby girl, posted a picture on her Instagram account and questioned in French: “I’ve been sent this picture by someone, I want to know if there is any truth,” she wrote as she tagged her husband on Instagram.

Due to many people not knowing what was written by the actress’s wife, many of them thought that she was taking it easy or enjoying her husband taking pictures with the actress.

After the newspaper grabbed the bullet, it picked up the wire, Wema, where when he was given the information he was clearly surprised and did not know if it had gotten there, until his wife died.

“So this is great, I haven’t seen this and even if I did I wouldn’t understand anything, but I’m also not shocked because I have nothing to do with her husband, her advice!” said Goodness.

A picture of Wema and the player spread on various dating accounts via Instagram and Facebook with people not having the right answers about Wema’s closeness to the player. The photo, which sparked a conversation, shows the two posing at a GSM clothing store, Mlimani City, in Dar.

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