But Uchebe made a cookie to hurt Shilole

Recently Uchebe, who was the husband of entrepreneur Shilole, has been posting a lot to his new girlfriend named Agness while escorting various words to show that he has found the right person in his relationship life.

This is not only for Mr. Uchebe but also for his new girlfriend Agnes via his Instagram account @officialagness_tz and he has also been a man to show that he is in love with the garage mechanic Uchebe.

Uchebe’s secret is revealed

The seniors have come up with this new one that Uchebe there posted a love affair with Agness in his account and showed if they are in a serious relationship was an attempt to hurt his ex-wife Shilole.

And this is because Shilole and he after breaking up with Uchebe have been the one to post his photographer every now and then and it is said that Shilole and his photographer are currently in a romantic relationship, although Shilole has been a man of denial every time he is asked on posting his photographer.

Just remember that Uchebe and Shilole were a couple where their marriage came to a standstill when Shilole posted a post showing the abuse she was subjected to by her husband by being beaten.

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