The Value of Musician Rosa Ree On Collabo As It Rises

rosa ree has managed to make a significant contribution to the Hip Hop game in Africa. It is no wonder that it is currently the most dangerous femcee in East Africa.

But, here at home too, its value increases with each passing day. From being one of the most performing artists to a show, to being the most sought after female rapper for a collabo.

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This month alone, she has been featured in two of the biggest artists’ dances here in Bongo. He started @ bellachristian1 on Only You, a love song that in his video with over 543k views so far, has left you thinking they have a real relationship.

This week, legend @ mrbluebyser1988 has also caught Goddess on the Cut Tablet. Blue did not hesitate to praise him in short but serious words, “Goddess !!! You know very well.

For Abroad this month alone he has appeared in two Collabo as well

One in Slovakia Participated in Peter Pan’s On Top Song, and another in Rwanda featuring Dj Pius on Tubushhe’s Song

It’s probably the right time to catch this bright one before its value doubles, making it even harder to catch him!

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