Simba Apologize After The 180 Minute Parade

AFTER playing a parade ball within 180 minutes for the 2020/21 season in the Mainland Premier League and melting the six points they were looking for the Lions Club has apologized to their fans for going through these difficult passages.

The defending champions Simba started the first game on October 22 with a 1-0 loss against Tanzania Prisons at Nelson Mandela Stadium and also lost the second game on October 26 with a 1-0 defeat against Ruvu Shooting at Uhuru Stadium.

Lions captain John Bocco has said that due to the results they have achieved in two games in a row they need an apology as they slipped and promised to return to quality in their future matches.

“On behalf of the players we ask you to forgive us for the results we received of the last two games we slipped and we slipped we should not slide again.

“Our commitment to us is to correct our mistakes and get back to the new combat frame for our next games,” he said.

The Lions are fourth in the standings with 13 points, have played seven matches and lost a total of eight points as they forced one draw and won two matches.

Kinara is Azam FC with 21 points after eight matches has won seven and lost one match followed by Yanga in third place, 19 points he has played seven matches and won six while forcing a 1-1 draw against Tanzania Prisons.

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