Riyama’s husband scolds those who mock their love


The husband of Bongo Muvi artist, Riyama Ally known as My Stereo in the city, has scolded those who mocked his love for the older artist.

My Stereo went so far as to scoff at those who mocked their love after being accused of it every now and then when he was told in a tent.

Following the incident recently My Stereo and her baby were eating meat inside the Meeting Point entertainment complex located in Kibaha Kwa Mathias, Pwani, when she started yelling at those who mocked their love.

“Even if it is jimama because it is your mother? Leave us as we are and stop interfering in people’s affairs, ”he insulted My Stereo through a microphone located at the amusement park.

As the family parted ways, Riyama was jumping up and down to support her husband as he gave them their dry and told her to give them more.

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