Diamond, Zuchu Shows Love Live


WHILE they have not yet solved the riddle of whether they are lovers or not, Bongo Fleva star Nasibu Abdul ‘Diamond Platnumz’ and Zuhura Othuman ‘Zuchu’ have shown love live through their social media.


closely followed the couple’s movements and, realizing that they had recently decided to throw a tantrum that showed they were in love.

On the way to Malawi for the show, Diamond or Mondi threw Zuchu’s scenes at the Insta Story feature where he posted the pictures with love emojis.


As if that wasn’t enough, she went to Zuchu’s Instagram page and dumped the emoji of the borrowers on various pictures that the beauty had posted. has posted to show pictures of Zuchu.

QUESTIONS In one of his recent interviews with Pendwa newspapers, Zuchu said his closeness to Diamond was professional but also said Mondi was not trying to seduce him.

“My closeness to my boss Diamond Platnumz is for work, he spends a lot of time wood-promoting. He has never shown me any signs of wanting me, he is like a brother to me. It is very difficult to play with someone you respect, but I am grateful to Boss Sallam SK who helped make me a Comfortable, ”said Zuchu.


If you look there you will find that there is a line Zuchu has shown that Mondi has never shown interest in him so questions have arisen that if he shows he will be ready?


In the Amani archives, there are various reports that are evidenced by photographic evidence that Zuchu has been seen several times at Mondi’s home, Mbezi Beach in Dar.

If that is not enough, there are pictures that have been leaked and it is alleged that the beauty was in Mondi’s room. Apart from that, there are various pictures that show Mondi in circles and the beauty in matching clothes.


Zuchu started chatting after Mondi showed great closeness to the artist since signing him to his Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) label.

Zuchu received a warm welcome and organized a big show while also showing his excellence in his songs as they did well to gain a large audience. Since joining Wasafi, Zuchu has been seen covering many of the artists who had previously signed with the label.


Since Mondi divorced Tanasha who gave birth to one child with her, she has never announced a new boyfriend so if things go well and the two of them agree then anything can happen.

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