Mondi Stoned On Stage

diamon platinumz


DESPITE being accepted in his career outside and inside the African continent, in an unusual turn of events, Bongo Fleva music star, Nasibu Abdul ‘Diamond Platnumz’ has found himself attacked with stones by fans who were said to be very angry, Friday Newspaper has read the game complete.


The Diamond or Mondi stoning incident was reported to have taken place in Malawi recently while on a musical tour.

Reports from the country stated that Mondi got the idea after performing the show for a short time as expected and then the fans dressed him up for questioning that it was impossible to sing for a short time.

“It’s impossible people have paid our money, and then he comes and sings for a short time like this… this is contempt, if he is used to doing this in another country, he can’t do this stupid thing to us in Malawi,” was quoted as one of the fans who attended the show.


In the various videos that were attached to the description of the story, the angry youths were seen throwing stones at Mondi who was coming down the stage, but fortunately the stones did not find him.

The relative was seen bowing, picking up the stone and throwing it in the area where he was in Mondi, but even so the stone did not cause any harm because despite missing Mondi, it also did not find other people around him.

Various fans quoted by the country’s networks, said Mondi offended them as he was the only artist they went to see in the show, but he became disappointed by doing a short show.

“Money is hard, someone is stuck, you go to buy a ticket, and then someone comes to do something careless like this is really not right,” one fan was quoted as saying.


In the video clips that IJUMAA Newspaper received, the guards were seen doing extra work to remove Mondi from the area without harm as the relatives appeared to be very angry.

But despite the outrageous group, who were seen shouting harsh words in Malawi’s Chewa Tribe, some fans appeared to be civilized and urged their colleagues to stop the violence.

Fans who were calming the commotion, for their part seemed to be satisfied with what Mondi did when he was on stage and that time was not as short as those people were saying.


Despite the encounter, Mondi, for his part, via his Instagram page with over 11 million followers, posted a video clip of his show and thanked them for the great love they showed him.

Mondi did not resent the group and instead responded by showing them how ‘there was such a‘ shame ’at the time he was performing on stage.

In one of the video clips Mondi posted on his page, his international show manager, Sallam SK, raised the issue by commenting that the show was good and asked Mondi to post another video.

“Supposedly they have made a story for themselves, I don’t know the bottle, I don’t know, the stones as long as they have followers, let’s post all the clips to see if the bottle is not…” Sallam wrote

Mondi has been doing a lot of shows in different places in and out of Africa that have been filling up and in those shows, it is very rare to hear he has been subjected to such an alleged incident from Malawi

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