Mama Dangote Agoma “I’m not pregnant, I’m a Duck Forward!”

mama dangote

Mama Dangote

The mother of Africa’s biggest music star and the boss of Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) label, Nasibu Abdul ‘Diamond Platnumz’ or ‘Mondi’, Sanura Kassim ‘Mama Dangote’, has responded to those who want her to give birth to her husband, Maisara Shamte ‘Uncle Shamte’ ‘.

Through her Instagram page, Mama Dangote responded to a fan who asked her why she was not pregnant? The 50-year-old mother replied; “I’m not pregnant, I’m a duck going forward!”

However, in the discussion, some commended him for his response as some people became irritated with their questions. “That’s Mama Simba (Mondi) sir, very well, stop those with their lips… ” wrote one fan on Mama Dangote’s page. Another fan replied that, Mama Dangote’s age is gone so she can’t get pregnant again.

After a lot of things online, IJUMAA WIKIENDA newspaper contacted Mama Dangote where she said she did not want to gossip and cut off the phone.

“I do not want to be ridiculed at all even if I have answered that way,” he replied and hung up. Mama Dangote has been attacked by some fans especially when she posts a picture with her husband. However, there are those who have been praising her for the way she and her husband love each other enough to deprive their fellow sleepers.

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