Kajala Restores Harmonize Assets


kajala with harmonize

kajala with harmonize

Kajala Masanja bongo movie star who was dating a music star from Tanzania Harmonize have restore the all assets was given by his ex-boyfriend after the relationship breakdown due to the recent crisis.

kajala gift car

Kajala was given the Toyota Crown and iphone 11 plus as a gift at the time of relationship but she restore allegedly not wanting anything from harmonize the residue in her life because of the way harmo did to her.

apart from that Kajala also have ignore the offer of Harmo of buying to her the house in Kingamboni and Hamidu City which harmo was in the final stages of payment and bream of Kajala is there is no true love between her and harmonize.

Kajala when was searched to speak about this stories she was ignored to speak anything for confirmation “I would like to ask you to leave me first and foremost I do not want to say anything about that person I beg you very much” said Kajala

the love of harmonize and Kajala was it exploded in the beginning of this year and there a skendo that in the valentine day there was in Zanzibar island there enjoyed the life, but a confirmation of the love between them is after the leakage bad video of Rayvanny and Paula Kajala the daughter of Kajala Masanja that is out of culture of Tanzanians.

and after the silence ending of that story and Suddenly, reports emerged that the two had broken up after Harmonize allegedly asked Paula and sent her a pornographic picture.

And in instagram account of kajala have deleted all posts photos that is posted with Harmonize and in this weekend she seems with her daughter paula in Arusha they enjoyed life but in Harmonize he is not delete the photos with Kajala and he continued with the schedule of all days but also peoples says that harmonize he has been expelled from the house of Kajala that he was live when their in relation.

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