Jay Z wore a T-shirt depicting a famous mosque in Kenya. Its clerics aren’t happy

American Hip Hop musician Jay Z has caused a stir among residents of the Lami area, after he was seen wearing a T-shirt of a local mosque

The locals and administrators of the Ridhaya mosque have been further presented by the model, Zuddie Lukoye who designed the mosque.

Jay Z was spotted leaving the Calfonia entertainment venue where he was wearing the T-shirt with the look of the Ridhaya forest.

Jay Z

However, the management of the mosque needs the body of a historic company and also a model, Zuddie Lukoye to appear in public and apologize for using the mosque.

“We do not consider this an honor or privilege for us to see such a historic mosque”.

“Bars and clubs are against faith, values ​​and not respect for the mosque, its founder, its public and the Muslim community at large inside and outside Lamu,” Badawy wrote.

The secretary of the mosque wrote a letter to the architect asking him to apologize for the use of the mosque.

Ridhaya mosque

Ridhaya mosque

The elders of the mosque have advised the model to throw away some of the historical items in the Lami area example ocean areas but to stop using religious objects.

The Ridhaya Mosque is one of the oldest mosques built in the 19th century where it has been one of the largest sites bearing the history of Islam in East Africa.

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