How to Upload a Full Length Video in WhatsApp Status

Hello may be you see to other people’s that upload a status in a more than 30 seconds that is minimum status upload in usually and may be you want to upload a full length video in WhatsApp status and you ask yourself on how to upload a full length WhatsApp status.
Today i will show you on how can you upload a video with more than 30 second in WhatsApp status that can enabled you either to upload a full song, teach your status viewers, inspired them or upload anything that you think that is so better to them to see in your status.
Firstly usually status in many social medias is staying in 24 hours that mean when you upload a status in this time like 11:33 am will servive till tomorrow at that time 11:33 and after that will disappear automatically that means a time of status is finished and this is in Social platform like Facebook, Instagram and also whatsapp.

How to Upload More Than 30 Second in WhatsApp Status

In official WhatsApp application you will never set this and working because to them this is a policy that every WhatsApp user will upload a status video with no more than 30 second.
But there was a WhatsApp’s application that created with Foaud Mode that comes to make WhatsApp be more beautiful because of make an development in the WhatsApp application data base that help more people’s that use WhatsApp.

1: You should download FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp

In oder to have that effort to upload a video with more than 30 second in your WhatsApp status you should first install and FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp because that application is have that system can gone helps you on upload that app so if you don’t have that application you can download through their official website below.
Click here to download FM/GB WhatsApp>>>>.CLICK HERE.
If you already install the app and you have in your phone now lets follow the ways that am gonna show you below on how to made you upload a video to 5minute in your status.



First you should open your GB or FM WhatsApp and click of three dots that located on the top right corner of the WhatsApp and will open like that, and you click in Foaud Mode.


After opened the Foaud Mode setting from that you can set all things in your FM or GB WhatsApp but today we gone maximize the status Video so you should click on Home screen.


And now go on click on Status and will open the settings you wanted about status.


After opened scroll down and you will see a setting like this (5-Minute Status) and there was a explain about it that here you can increase the average of upload the video from 30 second to 5 minutes and click arrow.
From that you can upload a video with more than 30 second up to video with 5 minutes so can help you to give your status viewers a thing that you think is good to them in Full length.
You can share this experience with your friends, relatives and all people’s that you think can may be wanted this experience to have and they love to upload a long length in a video so as to have fan with a people’s that view their status.

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