How to make money online, earn up to 5$ per day

Now days the world was so much growing and also the technology is highly raised up so you

can use your phone/ tablet or PC for making money rather than watching movies
and listen music or only spend to social medias by just chat with peoples so
you should change your logic and know that your device can be a source of
making money and today I will show you on how you can make money online by
using direct link.


This is a advertisement
format that you only have a link that is like link from in any website but this
links when any person click will show the Ad and this will show unique
ad for every time you click that link that you get to the specific platform
that provide the ad format like that.


And also
there was a many of sites that have the direct link ad format but there are
some of them that Is much better that you can make more money and enjoyed your


First let
you know that the Direct Link ad format this is all about have link that you
share for making people click and see the ad and it depends on how you share so
as to make much money by your work and the better thing that make more people love
this format is CPM this format have a huge CPM so as you can make more money
for every click that you gain.


So maybe you
now ask your self that how you can get that link and what is a better platform that
you can register and get that money and those are Propellar Ads, Adsterra those
are some only that you can get the direct link that you can start share your


But on my
side its better to use Adsterra because this platform first pays after
every two weeks and the minimum payout is 5$ so you can done your work of
sharing the link In social medias and get impressions that can be converted to
money so in this platform you direct have no fear on doesn’t get your money
because also they pay instant and they have a more ways of transfer money so
you can get your money from the way that you love and some of is Wire, Bitcoin,
Webmoney and more so after register in this website to start the job.



One thing
from Adsterra is approve process they have a fast in this it take almost 2 minute
to the approve of the link and be active


But also to
the peoples that have websites or blogs they can use this as a way that can get
money from their visitors by putting the ways in the website that can make a
visitor click the link and to make you get money from your visitors so as to know
the world of online have money.


Also me I have
the site of movie that I use the direct link ads that I put in the place that
shown DOWNLOAD NOW SEVER 1 so I use this if any person that click on first
sever will open the link but if click the Download now sever 2 the download of
movie will start so even you to your blog you can make any way that you believe
that you can make a person to click the link.


One thing
you should know that almost all peoples they doesn’t like this ads so be
careful if you have a blog or website you will lose the visitors that they not
love the ads that you put but you can use only one place that you always put
there that direct link so as to make a person that visited your site and don’t love
to click that ad to know that in this place I can’t click.


So for now
you can start this ad format and get money if you have the site or doesn’t have
but a big thing is that you get extra money that you can spend even buy a cup
of coffee, All in all I wish you a good luck.

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