How to Detect Blogger Theme| 2 Guides Find Blogger/WordPress Site Theme Name

Blogger Theme Detector

Today i want to show you the ways that you can know the blogger theme from any site that is host with blogger, and this is sometimes you can search in google or any searching engine and see the websites/blogs they have a very good looking and you wish also your site to have the looking like that and you want to know theme of the specific site and have it in your site.

Somehow there are sites that the theme is created by a personal owner or someone that have an experience of coding, so in the themes like that may gives you a hard time to know because is custom so if you like that theme on my side am see is better to make a contact with website owner and tell what you want.

How to Detect Blogger Theme Site

In wordress there are tools that is very easy to detect that i will show you below, but when you wanted to know theme site hosted in Blogger you can use the following simple ways.

1: Theme Detect By Using View Page Source Method

In the any site that your sure that is use blogger to host that site, choose the empty space in the site and right click.

NB: when i made the example of this i use the blog that is hosted by blogger that called but you can use and site even is have been connected with custom domain but in this you should make sure that the site you want to know theme is using blogger

How to Detect Blogger Theme Site

And after opened the view source click Ctrl + F to open the search bar in the view source

view source blogger theme detector

and after that you can search theme by write template in the search bar, and after write that words you can see the blogger name and where is downloaded or created with which company that you can also visited in that site and search the blogger name and download by free or buy for the premium to have it by cheap cost.

and this is a most simple way that you can use and know any blogger theme that you might love to have in your site, but in this make sure that you search the one that is better also to have in your site and be sure that your visitors they can love that theme through if you change theme always this also can affect your SEO perfomance.

How to Detect WordPress Theme Site

in the sites that is being hosted with wordpress host it can being a simple job of know site theme because there was many tools that you can use to know the theme name easly by only write the name of the site and the tool it detect theme name and by which company is code that theme and where can buy that theme, but if you don’t have money to buy you can search a specific theme in google am sure that you can find a free download.

1: WordPress Theme Detector Tool

wp theme detector

on my side i suggest the tool that is more simply and you can detect quickly with plugin that the site is used is wp themedetector you can visite the site and enter site Url in the search bar and click Search after some second will show you the name of theme and some of the plugin that used in that wordpress site

But here if you cant find theme and writed in a led word color that theme seems is not created in wordpress you should know that theme it custom that is created by a person that have knowledge of code, because this ways i shoe today all it shows result when theme is published in the sites that sale or free downloading this themes so if is custom coding and not published it can show result but also if you serious want that theme you can contact with the site owner.

On my side i think that i give you ways that may be your have questions that on how you can detect Blogger/WordPress theme you can leave a comment below if this article is improve to you something or solve your question.

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