How to Change Font on GB WhatsApp

Hello today i want to give you an technique of change the font on WhatsApp application and this if your phone have no that way of change font style in a whole phone means in all applications and every Font in phone.

So today i give you the ways that you can use to change the font style in only WhatsApp application if you like to do that or you see in other person they have a unique font style in WhatsApp so today i will give you step by step on how you can do that by using your phone.

 How to Change Font Style in WhatsApp

First you should install GB WhatsApp because by using this application it gives you that effort of change font because it well customized by Foaud Mode rather than a real WhatsApp from Facebook.

If you don’t have that GB WhatsApp you can click here and download and install, and if your not know how to install also in this website you gone to download they give you a ways on how to install from unknown sources in your phone.


After install and register your phone number to WhatsApp or if your already installed GB WhatsApp here is a simple steps that you should follow in oder to change the font style in your WhatsApp application.

Firstly you should open your GB WhatsApp and there was three dots that is in top right corner of your application click there to see the options.


In a real WhatsApp there is no this option FM Modes, but this WhatsApp that is customized by Foaud Mode they put that option and in that option it gives you and apportunity of change many things in your GB WhatsApp but today we change a font style, so click that option and will open.


Here after opened go to click Universal


And now we want to change a style so go and click, Style (look and feel) so as to go at the page that gives us an effort of change style.


Here click Font Style and you see it describe that (change the font style for WhatsApp)


After click there was a many fonts style that seems and you can choose what you like by click the specific font for me here i click Courgette.

After click you can’t see the changes so what you have to do is to go back by click the back button, go back to chats.



And now you can see the changes the WhatsApp have now seems in another looking of font style.


You can share with your fellow’s this article so as to make them also know of how to change the font style if their interested with this.


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