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Film Review: Cliff Walkers Trailer (2021) by Zhang Yimou Film

Cliff Walkers

CMC Pictures will feature “Cliff Walkers” at cinemas across North America and internationally, Cliff Walkers Release Date on April 30, 2021

Cliff walkers, From A Zhang Yimou Film

According to Quan Yongxian’s writings, the film “Impasse” previously focuses on four Communist party agents, Zhang, Lan, Yu and Chiuliang, who arrived in Manchukuo in 1931, after training in Russia, to carry out a secret mission called “Utrenya”.

The operation is taking place in Harbin, where a Japanese murder witness is hiding. Four of them decide to split up, although Lan and her husband do not want to be separated. Before doing so, they promise each other that, whoever remains, should get their children, who have been left behind before their training begins.

As they cross the snowy mountains, the first duo find that they have already crossed twice, after the traumatic scene on the train, (“The Age of Shadows” – equipment I described) and a large part of all the other parts of the movie focusing on their efforts to warn the other two above. of fact, who have continued on their way to Harbin without a hint of what is going on.

As the network of betrayal, double crossing, torture and spy games begins to surround everyone, your whole life is in danger and no one knows if those standing next to them are friends or enemies.

Cliff Walkers Trailer

Zhang Yimou directs a labyrinthal spy excitement, which seems to incorporate almost everything that pleases the crowd into the book. Love, (melo) drama, fellowship, double crossing, bitterness, violence, shooting, car racing, Party and Cause commitment, Japanese presentation like animals, are all implemented in a noir / retro package that can preserve interest, beginning to end.

If the story can seem too complicated and too complicated, there is no denying that in terms of production ethics, “Cliff Walkers” is very knowledgeable. Zhang highlights, once again, his ability to implement big budgets in the best way, after a good “Shadow”, by filming in the Harbin area, where historical sets were rebuilt only 100% for the film, such as Highway of the city, Asia Cinema and the Martyr Hotel, which were completely transformed in the 1930s style.

This approach allows the movies to feel real, and the costumes, cars and general presentation of the era are very interesting. The dim light of the streets, as well as the long coats and hats are the ones that give the movie its new hypostasis, in another feature that benefits the narrative so much.

What’s most interesting here, however, is the way Zhang executed the snowfall in the movies, and the weather is basically one of the main characters in the film for how it shapes the characters ’actions, while creating beautiful and dark resistance that covers most of the stories. Zhao Xiaoding’s movie trailer finds one of his favorites here, starting with the introductory scenes, and extends to the entire movie, in such a way that he has managed to capture all the previously mentioned objects in the thick snow into truly amazing.

The craft, however, does not apply only to practical scenes, as the sequence that involves eating the main characters is also widely presented, with Zhang using them more in story descriptions, presenting sides of characters that can only be revealed calmly. These events also provide a welcome release from every step and tension, as well as a very welcome moment of humor.

“Cliff Walkers” is a delightful movie, one of which should be watched in the theater to be fully appreciated by the real eye candy that will delight all Hollywood style fans, actors.

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