Home Entertainment Diamond Fans Follow Him By Repeating Sendo

Diamond Fans Follow Him By Repeating Sendo



Repeated clothing or footwear is very common, but this has been different for the WCB boss, Diamond has been seen several times in different photos wearing white sandals which have so far led to the emergence of whispers from his fans and opponents.

Where many have been asking why Diamond is so often wearing those shoes when she is a stylist and in her house she is wearing only a pair of shoes.

Yanga Called Fans On The Stadium

There are those who say that it is possible that Diamond has a lot of pearls like that where maybe maybe he likes them a lot which is why he is very useful but he does not return the same.

Diamond fans have been at the forefront of her defense that re-wearing shoes or clothes is a normal thing for anyone regardless of her status.

So far Diamond has not said anything due to the current scandal going on social media about re-wearing the scandal.


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