Amber Lulu Gives These Particles To These Men

amber lulu

Bongo Fleva’s beautiful baby girl, Lulu Eugen ‘Amber Lulu’ has donated particles to some of the most popular men to raise the famous men-marioo.

The artist, who is currently dancing with Ngoma ya Kiboko, told IJUMAA newspaper that he does not want to go with a Kibongo man due to the hunger they have.

“Damn, I don’t want to date (from a romance) with a Kibongo man because they are very hungry and want to be raised. You find a man begging for money until someone feels dizzy, ”says Amber Lulu, who never misses out on the sights and wonders of the city whose biggest dream is to give birth to Bongo music star, Nasibu Abdul‘ Diamond Platnumz ’.

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