About Us

GeoNeb is blog that have goal to teach people’s about Blogging and making money online and our Target is Tanzanian people but on our education is widely so as can help all people in the world to know more about blog and making Money online.

We always have aim to give our visitors a better things so we do research on our article and well write in order to write facts so as to make you know about that you wanted to know so in that we are not always post an article but we post an article that we believe it’s so useful to you.

GeoNeb is blog that is not so regend at this time we start in previously year 2020/10 but our aim is to make this blog bigger and comes competition in teaching Blogging and technology in Tanzania.

We believe that we are the only one that we teach blogging in Tanzania only so our Target we proud because for now we doesn’t have a person that can comes and make us be in trouble by fight with him, but that not make use delay we always wanted to make thing blog bigger and that’s why we fight to push up even we have no a person in competition.

For now in our brand we have only two people that done work the owner and his friend that we have a good combination and one goal of make this blog on top.

Year started: 2020

Workers: 2

Owner: Chicco 

Email: geonebtz@gmail.com